About us

The Forest School Association South West Group

We are a voluntary network of forest school practitioners and trainers in South West England, established in 2013. Our main aim is to create DIY opportunities for networking and training, which we began by putting on skillshare gatherings across the region.

We have a main group email you can contact to find local support and sign up to our mailing list: fssw @ gmx.com

We aim to help to increase the visibility and contact ability of practitioners and trainers across the region by listing them here where we can, and providing local contacts to help those who want to find a forest school near them.

Due to the huge size of the South West of England, there are now county or area-wide groups to make it easier for people to connect with others locally. See the CONTACT US page and drop down group pages to find contacts and people near you.

In Autumn 2013, the group had a membership of 300 forest school practitioners and like minded adults. We have been growing ever since and the gatherings are popular, useful and loads of fun to attend. We are now affiliated to the national Forest School Association – see that page for more info.

Check out the GATHERINGS page to find out what we get up to and when you can attend. You can also see and add to the photo gallery on our Flickr site.

Group structure: The group is coordinated by a small voluntary working group. We review these roles and responsibilities at our autumn AGMs.
Chairperson: Stuart Young

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